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Artificial Intelligence for Understanding Video & Audio

In recent years, due to the advancement of technology, the production of video content has grown dramatically. In order to search for and use effective video, there is a need for smart software that can understand the content of the video. It's easy to understand a video, but it's very difficult to add video-perceptions to computers. HoosheNo Company based on the advanced technology of deep learning, using millions of videos, has been developing a system that can understand and search for audio and video contents.

Our Services

Automatic VIDEO, AUDIO & IMAGE Tagging System

You can make your VIDEOs, IMAGEs and AUDIOs Searchable

Train Your Own Models for Your Applications

Our Technologies

Audio Undrestanding

Computers can percept concepts such as words, scenes and events like a human in an environment through audio signals

Automatic Monitoring

Video Monitoring

Concept-aware monitor system of submitted content for preventing Spam/Illegal videos

Automatic Video Tagging & Indexing.png

Automatic Video Tagging and Indexing

Add meta data in form of text to video for improving the search quality and user satisfaction

Concept Aware Search

Concept Aware Search

Search Engines usually work based on text, but now we make videos, images and audios searchable by their content

Deep Learning

Deep Learning

Cutting-edge AI techniques for enabling computers to understand smartly

High Performance Computing

Super-Fast Processing

Real-time processing of huge volumes of data

Large Scale Video Processing

Large Scale Video Processing

There is no limitation on how huge your video file is

Personalized Video

Personalized Video

Watch videos according to your habitats, favourites and styles

Smart Advertisement

Smart Advertisement

Reach your target audience through related video suggestion system

Video & Music Recommendation

Video and Music Recommendation

Improve your recommender systems by incorporating the semantic concepts of videos or music sentiments

Video Labeling

Video Categorization

Fit video into the appropriate category to be manageable and easy to access

Video Summarization

Video Summarization

Provide an information-reach summary of events in a video by understanding the content

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